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C40 Mk4 Nitro-Blade Special Coating

The iconic Comandante® C40 is a robust, high performance grinder with an advanced and pioneering burr

set: Nitro Blade®. And the new Mk4 generation just got even better!

Thanks to some smart material science, reworked internals and the addition of a basically unbreakable

polymer-glass Bean Jar, the Comandante® C40 Mk4 offers improved workflow, weight, and durability.

Made in Germany.

The burr material and design is the proud result of years of dedicated research and development at

Comandante®’s onsite coffee lab. Nitro Blade® is unique, using a high-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel

with a fine martensitic micro-crystal matrix.

Burr Geometry has been optimised to achieve excellent Bean Thruput with a reduced Crank Torque and

at the same time deliver a refined Particle Size Distribution for best brewing results.