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C40 Mk4 Premium Wood

For these Premium 40 Mk4 Nitro Blade® grinder Wood models, Comandante responsibly

source trees from local partners and carefully select the most beautiful pieces of timber for

making our 100% natural veneers.

From Comandante:

Reducing the timber to fine sheets of veneer is an amazing process because you discover the

incredible natural patterns of the wood grain, which emerge on each slice.

Every piece of veneer that we use on our C40 grinders is considerately chosen and carefully cut to size. Trees are such a valuable natural resource, so it’s not only important to responsibly source them, we feel it’s ourduty to do every piece justice and make sure every grinder shows the beauty of the wood!

Our passionate crafts- men and women carefully laminate the veneer onto the stainless steel

grinder body, before it is meticulously sanded and polished with a natural hard wax oil. The latter

is repeated several times in order to get the desired smooth and shiny surface.

It’s a particularly difficult process when you’re working with hard woods, but for us the result is

totally worth it. This combination of the robustness of steel and the beauty and warmth of wood

has always been at the heart of our design since the get go.